Back In The Saddle

It’s been a busy few weeks in NJ land. What with trying to complete two courses simultaneously (sadly only one of which involved writing), my daughter’s ninth birthday, and long-suffering hubby and I celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary (seriously, give the guy a medal).

My writing course finishes tonight, and I am left with five short stories in need of homes. So the Submission Grinder and I will be getting up close and personal, and I’m sure to have fun trawling through hundreds of submission guidelines, trying to find somewhere that might take pity on me and give me another publication credit ;).

With all this going on, I have neglected Keepers for a few weeks. Now I find myself itching to get back to my characters. My protagonist has been glad of the break, but my antagonists are tapping their feet and giving me evil looks. I’m in danger of being disembowelled, or thrown to the acids, if I don’t give them some mischief to be getting on with soon.

So today I’m rereading the first fifty thousand words, and tomorrow my poor protagonist is going to find herself confused, bewildered and fighting for her life… Sorry dear girl, I do love you really.