It’s Been A While…

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a while, your patience in not unfollowing me is greatly appreciated! I’ve had a rough few months involving a monstrously large, twisting growth, emergency surgery, and an agonising wait for biopsy results.

Finally, after one round of lab tests came back “dodgy” (they didn’t use that term, but that’s what they meant 😉 ) I have, after further testing, been given the All Clear! I shan’t go into gory details, I’ll save that for my next horror piece 😉 but I’m pleased to say I’m almost fully healed now!

But it hasn’t all been doom and gloom, I’ve been making good progress with both of the novels I’m working on AND I have some more publication credits for short pieces which I will share with you soon.

Meanwhile, the little monsters- err, I mean DARLINGS are about to break up for the Easter holidays. May Heaven have mercy on my soul…

4 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling, but then I generally suck at keeping in touch. Great news you’re well on the road to recovery though, and I look forward to reading more from you.

    Does this mean I need to pull my finger out with my own blog too? (Think my last post was Christmas… Oops)

  2. Yeah, almost back to “normal” now. Of course, I have to come to terms with the fact that the 6 inch abdominal scar means my bikini modelling days are over ;P (bwahaha!)

    Yes, get blogging man! 😉

  3. And there I was patiently waiting for the photos section of your blog to appear complete with bikini section. Guess I’ll cancel plans to add one to mine too… 😉

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